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Our company keeps the security of the credit card holders who reservation from our offical sites first. Your credit card information is not stored in any way our system.


There are two things you need to be aware of to ensure that you are a safe site when you enter the transaction process. One of these is a key or lock symbol located at the bottom line of your browser. It shows you are on a secure internet page and all your information is encrypted and protected. This information is only used in accordance with the sales process and in the direction of your instruction. Information about credit card used during shopping is transmitted to the related bank in order to be encrypted and inquired with 256 a bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol regardless of our shopping sites. If the card availability is approved can be sustained for shopping. Since no information about the card can be displayed or recorded by you, it is prohibited for third parties to acquire this information under any circumstances.

Online Credit card fraud is checked by our company for the reliability of payment / billing / delivery address information of credit card orders. For this reason, it is necessary to first confirm the validity of financial and address / telephone information in order for the first time customers of our shopping sites to arrive at the order of supply and delivery. In order to control this information, contact with the credit card holder or the relevant bank is made.



1.1.This contract is on the one hand Liman Mah.34. Atakons İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti. With telephone number 0 242 259 55 90 and Mersis No: 0095 0299 ​​3160 0015 number located at Sok.No:9 Konyaaltı / ANTALYA. on the other side of the booking made by using the system, entering and acknowledging all personal information in advance and accepting the following conditions in advance, the name and computer IP number in the booking form TC number between the customer / user (hereinafter referred to as the customer)


2.1 The Contract shall include the booking of the Customer's purchase of the Product / Service under the terms of the Hotel and the conditions described in the following voucher.

If there is a price increase on the contract price, the difference will not be demanded from the consumer additionally, and the discounts which are called as the action by the facility are not the consumption item.


Included in the settlement fee is VAT.

3.2. Hotel hotel overnight rates and other extras are TL and include tax.

3.3. All of the services mentioned in the reserve price line are included. Unspecified services and extra products and services to be purchased at the hotel are separate conventions. These extras are paid at the hotel exit.

3.4.Customer who purchases Reduced Product / Special Product or Campaign Product is obliged to pay the full service fee when making the reservation transaction. Reservation is not final unless all payments are made.

3.5. Customers who make a reservation from abroad via call center or internet pay their reservations in foreign exchange basis. The invoices will be issued in foreign currency from the TCM Bank foreign exchange sales price on the day of departure after the accommodation is realized.

If the accommodation dates are within a period created during special periods such as New Year, semester, holiday and campaigns; 5.2 of the contract do not apply.

In this case, the customer has no right to cancel or return.

3.6. Confirmation-invoice delivery is done by The Suites Hotel & Apartments from the Internet or from the call center as follows.

3.7. Instant Booking Confirmation and Payment Receipt:

The reservation confirmation and payment receipt will be received by the customer by printing from the computer at the last stage of the system and will be sent to the e-mail address given by the customer at the same time.

In case of any refunds, the credit card used for reservation or the customer's bank account will be paid within 30 days.


4.1. Unless written permission is obtained from the hotel manager, it is forbidden to install equipment that smells, flows, flammable or explosive qualities or disrupts the environment and cutters, piercers and firearms.

4.2.The check-in time for all customers is 14:00. If the check-in time is before 14:00, the customer can wait for the reception room to be prepared.

The departure time from the hotel is no later than 12.00. If the client does not leave the room or hotel before 12.00 hours, he / she accepts to pay 100 TL per adult and 50 TL per child.


4.3.Customer agrees in advance that he / she is responsible for the damages caused to the fixtures found in the hotel or the fixtures in common areas during the stay and therefore for the repair of damages.


If the customer wishes to extend the accommodation period, he / she will make the reservation at the hotel at least one day before the departure date. If the hotel has a suitable room, the stay will be extended after the customer pays the current price. Otherwise, the customer must leave the hotel at 12:00 at the end of the reservation date.

5.2. Reservations made in written and oral can be canceled by the customer using the The Suites Antalya system or by telephone by the customer. In the cancellation process, the following period, amount and rules will be deducted. This cancellation penalty is up to 100% of the booking fee.

Cancellation can only be carried out by the customer system by entering a special reservation / voucher number and personal information previously provided at the time of booking. This number is specially assigned to the customer, and the customer is only provided for customer information in terms of security. The reservation and cancellation of this number is the responsibility of the customer as this number can be made by entering the reservation cancellation system.

Cancellation Periods and Deductions (Unless otherwise specified by the facility)

-In case of cancellation made by stay of 29-15 days from the date of entrance to the room 10%

- In the event of cancellation made 14-7 days prior to departure date, 25%

- In the event of cancellation made 6-1 days before departure date, 50%

- 100% in case of cancellation made at the date of entry

In the case of cancellations made by the customer 30 days before the entrance to the hotel, the price paid for the accommodation will be returned within 30 days, excluding expenses incurred due to mandatory tax, duties and similar legal obligations.

On the date of stay, the customer acknowledges and agrees that The Suites can not claim any refund request from Antalya.

5.3. Hotel reserves the right to partially or totally change or cancel the hotel reservation for which it has announced or registered for the reservation, 7 days prior to the start date. If the customer does not accept this change and cancellation, the customer is entitled to a refund of the full amount of the cancellation paid. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation.

5.4 The Client accepts any of the above-mentioned discontinuities if he or his / her relatives request the cancellation of 10-day-old obstacle complaints and deaths for a reason other than a formal report and documentation from a full-fledged public hospital.

5.5. If the customer requests a change of 10 days 'usual obstacle to his or her relatives' disability and death from a fully equipped state hospital for a reason other than documentation and documentation, a change of 15 days before the start of the reservation date, The parties agree to the TURSAB legislation and International NO-SHOW rules.

5.6. The customer may transfer the hotel reservation he / she deserves until 15 days prior to the start of the stay. The customer receiving the transfer is responsible for the costs incurred due to the transfer and the transfer from the customer.


6.1. The establishment shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or lack of service of the hotel, such as natural disasters, social events, international relations, technical failures, strikes and protests, which may occur between the dates of the hotel reservation mentioned in this contract.



7.1. This contract is for hotel reservation exclusively and the contractor fulfills the contractual obligation by giving the booking confirmation of the customer by making definite reservation of the customer in the contracting entity after signing this contract by taking the definite reservation request of the customer.

In the event of any problems with the facility, the client accepts and undertakes that he will only apply to the operator of the accommodation facility for any changes or deficiencies which may arise in the accommodation.

7.2.If the customer complains about any situation during the accommodation, he / she agrees not to demand any compensation or compensation in case the service is partially or completely used.

7.3.It is the responsibility of the customer in good faith to inform the authorities in writing during the service of the customer that the customer is complaining. If the customer is a complainant, he / she will be able to use the service until the end of the service without notifying the authorities, and the services related to the complaints and the rights such as the price is removed.

Customer agrees that he has signed and signed this contract after receiving all kinds of information about the hotel from the internet site ( and by phone. The information provided to him in his complaints about the lack of service and the defective furniture will be the basis for the hotel.

7.5 Even if the customer can not sign this hotel reservation contract for any reason, he / she has learned the terms of this contract via e-mail sent to the website, advertisement or the specified e-mail address and accepted the contract provisions.

7.6. If there is any contradiction between the copy of the contractor remaining in the consumer and the copy of the hotel remaining in the hotel, the copy records remaining at the hotel shall be taken as basis. All kinds of email and fax messaging between the parties will be counted as evidence and company records will be the basis. The parties acknowledge that their address and telephone numbers are the addresses and telephone numbers for all kinds of communications and notices and that any change it shall acknowledge that any notifications and notifications to be made to the addresses and telephones reported to the other party shall be made to them, unless written notice to the other party is made.

7.7.Customers may insure the costs of returning to the exit point in case of accidents and illnesses before the start of the accommodation service and all kinds of accident damage and expenses.

7.8.The identity and age control is done at the entrance. If there is a discrepancy due to false or incomplete declarations, the hotel will charge you upon arrival.

7.9. The periods stated in Article 5 are not valid during the early reservation period.

7.10. In addition to the price increases for the period of early reservation and / or for all periods (except for systemic mistakes), the difference is not requested by the customer nor is there any refund for the discounts called as the operation by the facility.

7.11. The hotel may send its campaigns and notifications to the mail address, mail address and mobile phones that the customer has given to him. With the signature of this contract, the hotel has obtained permission to send it to the customer.

7.12. In case of inconsistency between the customer and the hotel,

The way to the Consumer Tribunal or Consumer Arbitration Committee is open. It is accepted as a goodwill demonstration to resolve the dispute by sending the complaint in writing to the hotel's customer service before the application and giving 14 days response time to the hotel.


8.1. I hereby authorize to collect the reservation fee with my credit card which is numbered above with this document and Atakons Construction Tourism Industry and Trade Limited Company. Borçumun accepts and promises to pay with the maturity difference on the credit card interest rate in case the credit card can not be collected from my credit card account. I read, understand and accept this contract with a total of 8 pages with 5 pages arranged step by step.

Please send an e-mail to or fax 0 242 259 55 90 once you have signed this contract.